Contact: Jim Rode
Phone:   817-781-7331
  611 S. Main St. Suite 400
Grapevine, TX 76051
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I call it "luxury photography." I'm artistic, I see the emotion in this day and I'm proud to make it visible to others. The images I capture are going to be artistically rendered one at a time, even if I've got 1,800 images from your wedding!

I love gorgeous color, and deep black and whites.

These are the images that define your life.

I want your images to be "premium" in every sense of the word. My lab choice for desk-size prints is in California. They print by hand, using lab colors that sizzle. They are delivered to your door boxed and wrapped in tissue.

I have a passion for love, and all it implies.

I also believe I see what others do not.

Just as He knows every sparrow and the depth of every heart - I too look for for the expressions of love. You must know love, to be an artist.

My name is Jim. I'm the right-brained guy whose eyes tear up hearing wedding vows in the balcony, watching up there with the angels who witness.

I photograph the first kiss and notice I'm holding my breath. When the ring is slipped on, I swear I hear heartbeats.

I am a wedding photographer, every day of the week.

That's all I do. That's all I want to do. It is my passion, and all that implies.

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