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I am proud to present a small portion of my work. I attempt to capture personality, emotion and the essence of life with each photograph. Step inside and see my perspective of the world - life, love, laughter.

Find someone who has been in business in the area, so you know they are reliable, and most important - someone who is a 'professional'. A person who is skilled in photography, produces higher quality portraits, because they know how to choose correct angles and lighting to picture you at your best. Photography is an art form, not a process. It requires a passionate and observant person who is able to capture both style and emotion. This is the key to the success of Jill C. Thomson's photography. We would appreciate the opportunity to work for you!

There are two distinct styles of wedding photography:
- the traditional posed portraiture
- the photojournalistic style
The photojournalistic style captures the moment as it happens. Typically our coverage will include a blend of both styles.

Digital photography is opening up a whole new world of options. Jill C. Thomson Photography uses only the highest quality digital cameras to photograph your wedding. Our process includes using multiple cameras and multiple photographers. This enables us to capture all of your special moments.

It is never too early to arrange for a consultation with your photographer. At the end of our presentation, you will have a clear understanding of what is included in the basic package, the price list, and available options. A specific contract detailing the images you want and the associated cost will be presented at the end of our consultation. We strive, at all times, to be fair in our pricing and superior in the quality of our workmanship.

Every wedding is unique. Yours will be no exception. Our creativity and passion for our art form will enable us to tell your wedding day story in complete detail.

We are looking forward to becoming an integral part of preserving the priceless memories of your wedding day!

Please call and set up an appointment to meet with us at Jill C. Thomson Photography and visit our website at